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Guernsey Woollens Kids Size Chart


This size chart is for:

    All other styles have their own size charts which are linked on the product detail pages.

    Our Guernsey Jumpers are made from completely natural fibres and as such there can be a slight variation in size (plus or minus 0.5 of an inch or 1.5 cms)


      • Preparation
        Measure the person while standing with their arm resting by their side.
      • Measure the Chest (Blue Line)
        Measure all the way around the chest, with no finger gap behind the tape measure. If you have an even number add 4", if it's an odd number add 3" (e.g. a 26 inch chest measurement requires a 30" Guernsey). This number is your Guernsey size.
        You can also enter the initial chest measurement below to calculate your Guernsey size.

      • Check the length (Green Line)
        Measure from the middle of the shoulder to the point you want the garment to finish (normally the middleof the buttock).
      • Check the sleeve (Red Line)
        Measure from the middle of the neck, over the shoulder tip and down to the elbow - and then on to the point you want the cuff to finish at your wrist or hand.

      Bespoke sizing options are also available, please contact us for more information.


      Chest (circumference)

      Chest (flat)

      Body Length


      24" 24”/ 60cm 12”/ 30cm 15”/38cm 19.5”/50cm
      26" 26”/ 66cm 13”/ 33cm 16”/41cm 21”/53cm
      28" 28”/ 72cm 14”/ 36cm 17”/43cm 22.5”/57cm
      30" 30"/76cm 15"/38cm 18”/46cms 24”/60cm
      32" 32”/ 82cm 16”/ 41cm 19”/48cm 24.5”/62cm
      34" 34"/ 86cm 17"/ 43cm 20"/51cm 25"/63cm