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Go Bespoke

Looking for the perfect fitting Guernsey Jumper? Look no further. 

We've spent years building a range of well-fitting authentic Guernsey Jumpers, but we know that people come in all shapes and sizes. If you typically find that off-the-rack jumpers don't fit as you'd like, we are happy to offer you a bespoke Guernsey Jumper created to fit you perfectly!

Please note - Your Bespoke Guernsey Jumper will be made especially for you. You need to be certain of your measurements when you order as we're unable to accept returns on any bespoke item.

Please contact us for measuring advice should you have any doubts.

Here's how to measure for your perfect fit.

Measure the person while standing with their arm resting by their side.

Measure the sleeve
Measure from the middle of the base of the neck, over the shoulder tip and down to the elbow - and then on to the point you want the cuff to finish at your wrist or hand.

Measure the length

Measure from the middle of the shoulder to the point you want the garment to finish (normally the middle of the buttock).

Measure the Chest
Measure all the way around the chest, with no finger gap behind the tape measure. This is the figure you will enter in step 1 below.

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