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Guernsey Cardigan & Jacket Size Chart

Please follow the instructions below to get the perfect measurements for your Guernsey Cardigan or Jacket.
  • Preparation
    Measure the person while standing with their arm resting by their side.
  • Measure the Chest (Blue Line)
    Measure all the way around the chest, with no finger gap behind the tape measure. If you have an even number add 4", if it's an odd number add 3". This 'Guernsey Size' can then be matched to the sizes given in the chart below.
  • Check the length (Green Line)
    Measure from the middle of the shoulder to the point you want the garment to finish (normally the middleof the buttock).
  • Check the sleeve (Red Line)
    Measure from the middle of the neck, over the shoulder tip and down to the elbow - and then on to the point you want the cuff to finish at your wrist or hand.

Bespoke sizing options are available, please contact us for more information.


Chest Circumference

Chest Flat

Body Length


S 37" / 94cm 18.5" / 47cm 27" / 69cm 28.25" / 73cm
M 40" / 101.5cm 20" / 51cm 27" / 69cm 29" / 75cm
L 45" / 114cm 22.5" / 57cm 27" / 69cm 30.25" / 78cm
XL 48" / 122cm 24" / 61cm 27" / 69cm 31" / 80cm